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August 2014

The Complete Guide to Swearing at Work


Americans are about to be reminded that butter is a luxury

Bikini Coffee Shop Owner Hit With Prostitution Charges



For the past few years, some coffee shops in Washington state have been taking the idea of customer service a little too far.

A former owner of a Seattle-area “bikini coffee shop” was charged with money laundering and promoting prostitution Thursday, after her baristas allegedly served up sex acts to customers as well as hot drinks, CBS News reports.

Documents claim the “bikini baristas” charged $14 to flash their genitals or breasts at customers, and more for sexual acts.

Prosecutors in Shnohomish County allege that Carmela Panico collected more than $2 million in three years through her illegal business offerings. Panico, a former erotic dancer, managed to skip out on paying her full taxes by operating largely in cash — officials found more than $250,000 during a home raid in 2013.

She may have also had some help from the inside: authorities allege that Darrell O’Neill, a sheriff’s sergeant…

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Last Known Survivor of Hindenburg Flight Crew Dies at 92


A German man thought to be the last surviving flight crew member of the Hindenburg airship that crashed 77 years ago has died at the age of 92.

Werner Franz suffered a heart attack on Aug. 13 in his hometown of Frankfurt, Germany, the Associated Press reports.

Franz was working as a cabin boy at the age of 14 when the Zeppelin caught fire and crashed into Lakehurst, N.J., on May 6, 1937, killing a total of 36. The incident has become one of the most iconic aircraft accidents in history, partly due to broadcast coverage of the disaster and Herbert Morrison famously crying out, “Oh, the humanity!” during his eyewitness report.

Franz jumped out of the aircraft as it was falling to the ground and escaped “without a scratch on him,” historian and friend John Provan said.

“Werner was most fortunate because he was in the officers’ mess…

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I love rainy sundays

If there is any day I want it to rain, it’s a Sunday.  Sundays are the perfect day to wake up late, stay in your jammies and watch movies all day.  It always feels extra cozy when I can hear the rain outside.

So, today is Sunday, and it is raining. Good thing I really have nothing to do. I think I’m gonna stay in bed and read for a while. Ttyl.

PNE 2014

I went to the PNE on Friday with some friends. I haven’t been in about 5 or 6 years, and now I know why.  My entire day was spent in the marketplace shopping for things I don’t need. I really like everything I bought but nothing was necessary. I get into an obsessive shopping frenzy in places like that. I guess that’s what the merchants count on. I noticed my friends were doing the same. As soon as I see the word Sale, or Deal, I have to look, then, inevitably I must have “it”,  whatever “it” is. I did buy a really cool necklace and a bracelet that I will definitely wear a lot. I purchased an eyebrow kit with a range of brunette and red colors, 2 brushes and eyebrow stencils. I hope it works as well as I think it will. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that eyebrow pencil/powder is probably the most essential make up I own. Next would be mascara except I really hate wearing it. I sure wish I had long, thick, dark eyelashes, like my dad, or Maya, or Ben, or Reg. Also blotting paper for my oily skin, or a good, matte finish powder. Other than that I really don’t need make up or want it all that much. Funny, my bathroom vanity is full of it, lol.

I also bought a black cotton dress. I have black cotton dresses, but one more is always welcome. Except that now I have a fluffy, white cat.  Didn’t really think about that one. Good thing I also picked up a small hand vacuum and lint remover last week.  Very necessary household items for me now.

All in all I had a really nice day out yesterday but I realize that I didn’t actually experience anything  the PNE has to offer except the marketplace. I had intended to go look at the animals, see the Super Dogs, maybe watch a concert or go on a ride, but instead I shopped, and I paid admission to do it.

New tat


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7 Things Remarkably Happy People Do Often


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By Jeff Haden

Happiness: everyone wants it, yet relatively few seem to get enough of it, especially those intheir early forties. (I’m no psychologist, but that’s probably about when many of us start thinking, “Wait; is this all there is?”)

Good news and bad news: unfortunately, approximately 50 percent of your happiness, your “happiness set-point,” is determined by personality traits that are largely hereditary. Half of how happy you feel is basically outside your control.


But, that means 50 percent of your level of happiness is totally within your control: relationships, health, career, etc. So even if you’re genetically disposed to be somewhat gloomy, you can still do things to make yourself a lot happier.

Like this:

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Your IQ isn’t constant: It changes over time


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