The end of another week. Don’t know why I am excited about it,  my weekend is going to be busier than the week was. I worked the Overnight shift last night like usual. When I got home today there was stuff all over the place here. It’s like my cat gets up 👆 on the counter and kicks everything off.  She has broken almost all the planters I have,  vases,  dishes you name it.  She eats my plants.  Aarrghh!  She is driving me crazy.  And there are clumps of white fur all over the place.  And she wakes me up before 6:00am to brush her.
Ok, I’m done ranting,  thanks for listening. ☺
Well,  now that I’ve gotten that out of my system I can love her again.  I’m gonna try to  post some pics of her favorite spots.


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