I’ve decided to do a 21 day sugar detox. I do believe that refined sugars are responsible for so many medical conditions. As well, having diabetes and generally feeling like crap leads me to want to change my diet. This is going to be hard but I’ve given up alcohol and cigarettes so I can do this.
I am following a detox plan on Wellness With Rose. It looked the most thorough to me. I will post the link later.
Today I am emptying my fridge and pantry of processed foods, packaged items, junk food and other no no’s. I am starting the detox tomorrow. I am,seeing my doctor tomorrow morning to make sure it is ok for me to do this, but I can’t see a problem.
The detox is very strict, no sugar (obviously), limited fruit, no grains of any kind. Only veg (non starchy), seeds, and some meat basically. If you screw up and eat something you aren’t supposed to you start back at day one!
Wish me luck!!

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